Thankfully, as a nation we have seen the error in our collective ways as regards the environmental safety of our homes and our occasionally wounded planet. Premier can employ a variety of high-tech methods to identify items or conditions that might otherwise create harmful or even dangerous conditions.

By the use of a PMI tool (Positive Metallic Identification) we can instantly identify lead-based paint in older homes, factories or equipment. An inspection of this type is cheap insurance against subjecting persons or animals to this highly toxic element.

In addition to multi-meters capable of detecting LEL (lower explosive level) of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), we also employ benzene testing methods to assure workplace safety in confined space conditions.

This technology has many uses. Home or business Infrared surveys can detect sources of serious heat loss or gain which can be indicators of many potentially serious or costly problems:

  • Heat loss through poorly sealed doors or windows will significantly up energy usage for heating or cooling, in the process enlarging the effective carbon footprint dramatically.
  • Any heat gain in electric motors or electrical wiring circuits, no matter how small, is an indicator of a low grade short to ground – costly, and certainly a fire hazard in the making.
  • An Infrared survey of interior walls, floors and ceilings can detect any number of hidden problems including mold propagation, water seepage, wiring problems, leakage in heating or cooling ductwork and even insect infestation.
  • Infrared Thermography surveys have been used to good advantage in detecting and monitoring fires in underground coal seams. Undiscovered, such fires can burn for years, emitting poisonous, sulphur-laden gasses the whole time.

This state-of-the-art technology allows detection of hydrocarbon gasses by utilizing Infrared technology. The hand-held equipment is capable of a broad spectrum of detection methods – everything from a close-up inspection of small areas to leak detection in major pipelines from a light aircraft making an inspection flight along the pipeline’s route. Our Certified Infrared Inspectors have identified leakages of explosive gasses from in excess of a quarter-mile away. When used in conjunction with our Airborne Ultrasound detection equipment the GasfindIR crew can complete an inspection of a large refinery or fractionating plant in a day’s time.

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