Remote video (RVI) inspections use fiber optic cameras, borescopes, robotic crawlers and other specialized instruments to conduct remote video inspections (RVI) in numerous industrial applications such as pipe lines, vessels, tanks, turbines, and heat exchangers. Video image data is recorded onto VHS, CD or DVD for viewing and storage.

Premier NDT has three different borescopes to offer and unlimited scopes that are accessible. The first one that Premier houses is Pearpoint's P374 IS, an intrinsically safe pushrod system certified to EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments such as vessels or piping within the chemical and petrochemical industries, landfill venting systems, natural gas supply infrastructure, etc. The surface equipment is IP55 rated allowing this system to be used in most types of weather conditions. It is capable reaching 200 feet and has a built in high resolution footage counter. The P374 IS system is compact and fully integrated making it very easy to transport around.

The second system is a Schott Fiber Optics / OPTIM FS-236A is a 6mm x 80” length. This scope is extremely durable and do to the size it can accommodate even the most intricate inspections. It is a hand-held, portable inspection device that combines a high intensity LED light source with a flexible insertion shaft. It is perfect for tighter spots, like small diameter tubing/piping, power generating equipment, castings and vessel inspections.

The third system is the RECON™ Digital Inspection System™ – This digital inspection system is for power and processing industries and provides unrivaled technology, fast set-up time and unprecedented durability that combine for better performance and superior results in inspecting and recording pipe conditions. The RECON system features Everest VIT's exclusive iVIEW™ platform that allows images to be manipulated, stored or copied for remote or in-the-field assessment of quality or damage control. This system features interchangeable camera heads, LED lighting and is capable of reaching 30 feet in length; therefore, it is great for a large verity of applications such as boiler tubes, down combers, steam lines, electrical conduits, process lines, heat exchangers and even infrastructures.