Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a portable volumetric examination that uses high frequency sound waves to exam, measure and inspect for thickness, flaws and weakness. Human and material flaws will never be completely eliminated and in-service damage and ware require continual “safe use” evaluation.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) is frequently used to asses corrosion, erosion, and mechanical damage of the structural materials on tanks, vessels, piping, castings and structural steel. The testing is accomplished with portable equipment and the results are evaluated to industry standards, codes, or customer specifications. This method can locate and measure the amount of corrosion, erosion or voids within a material. This data is than used to assess the life expectancy of the component or if repairs are required before returned to service.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PA) aids in the the detection of irregularity oriented discontinuities and can simultaneously display multiple data presentations. This allows for a cross section view that can reveal defects hidden inside the material of pipe, tanks, structures or welds. The PA probe consists of a series of small ultrasonic elements, each of which can be pulsed individually. When varying the pulse sequence to the elements one by one in a row, a pattern of constructive interference is set up that results in a beam at a set angle. In other words, the beam can be electronically steered. The beam is swept like a search-light through the object being examined and the data from multiple sound waves are put together to build a visual image showing a slice through the object under examination.

Pocket UT is a battery operated, hand held ultrasonic testing system with full C-Scan data display. Portable and easy to use, the Pocket UT™ System along with its available companion scanners and other compatible devices is ideal for on-site inspection applications. The unit is equipped with an internal ultrasonic pulser/receiver, data acquisition software, motion control hardware and software for scanning, signal capture, display, analysis, replay, transfer, and storage. A new cost effective precision testing devise often used in confined or awkward locations. Data can be directly transferred to lap top or desktop computers for further processing or storage. The Pocket UT system is a great method used for scanning and gridding large areas of corrosion and erosion.

Airborne Ultrasound (AU) measures microscopic audio level changes resulting from air, gas, oil, steam or compressor leak. The detector can even hear leak turbulence through the ambient noise on the compressor floor. The frequency component of a leak is directional making it easy to locate its source.

Shear Wave sometimes referred to as Angled Beam Ultrasonic testing is a portable testing method that offers an effective test for weld inspection in pipes, pressure vessels, plates or in areas that other test methods are not feasible or particle. The shear wave method is great for fusion type defects or cracks, whither it is in a weld or on the specimen itself.