Premier NDT Services provides a complete line of radiographic examination services. Our experienced and certified professional radiographers obtain high quality images that allow expert interpretation to determine if an anomaly or defect can be accepted under code requirements.

Industrial radiographic methods are not unlike x-rays taken in a hospital. A piece of film is positioned beneath a suspected fracture, radiation directed through it exposes the film. The choice of radiation sources and strength depends on the material composition, size and thickness. The exposed radiographic film detects the radiation passing thru the material and displays their intensity on the black and white film image.  After processing the film it is reviewed to identify and locate any discontinuities or anomalies. The processed film provides a permanent inspection record.


Digital Radiography is one of the newest forms of x-ray imaging. Film is replaced by special phosphor screens or micro-electronic flat panel screens. Details can be easily increased and enhanced for expert interpretation. Digital Radiography files are easily shared and archived.

Computerized/Digital Radiography (CR) allows for onsite processing in remote locations. Less radiation is required to produce a higher quality image. Premier NDT Services provides our customers with latest in digital technology, a system provided by VMI (Virtual Media Integration). CR is a great method for profile radiography, wither it be for corrosion detection in piping or valves or looking for rebar or post tension cabling in concrete. It is also getting noticed more and more by standards and codes in the industry for weld quality. CR also provides the customer with a digital image that is stored onto a disk witch provides easier storage and retrieval. So the days of rooms and rooms full of film are coming to an end and everything that you will need can just be a click away on your computer.

It is essential to understand that the Lo-Rad system is simply an addition to existing radiographic equipment and techniques. The concept is to collimate the radiation beam towards an area of interest  then to enclose area with the Lo-Rad mats. This enclosed system eliminates all unwanted radiation and scatter from the primary beam. Lo-Rad is a flexible system which can fit any shape and size of steel or pipe. With the use of the Lo-Rad system it will decrease the clients down time and loss of production do to the smaller barricades that Lo-Rad system is able to provide. This system allows you to perform radiography in areas that you use to have to shut down to get the job done.