Premier NDT engineers, inspectors, and technicians can aid in establishing mechanical integrity inspection programs and provide pressure vessel, storage tank, and piping system inspections for process safety management (PSM) facilities.  OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 requires mechanical integrity inspection programs for facilities using flammable liquid, gas or highly hazardous chemicals above a threshold limit.  Premier NDT engineers can:

  • Evaluate Process and Equipment History
  • Establish Inspection Programs for Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, and Piping Systems
  • Perform Equipment Inspections
  • Specify Repairs and Further Inspections
  • Perform Fitness for Service Evaluations (API 579-1)

Premier NDT has the experience and technology to perform a range of evaluations from general thickness requirements to detailed stress and fatigue analyses; all of which are delivered in concise and detailed reports which can be tailored to each client’s needs.